Safe, Successful, Confident Students

Marie Stevenson

Davis School Board Candidate

District 6

Marie Stevenson is experienced and dedicated to ensuring every student feels safe and successful in the classroom. She believes each student has the right to walk into school every day with confidence that it will be a good day. 

Experience That Counts

  • 40 years as a classroom teacher in Davis School District
  • Served as an administrative intern, district mentor, and DEA representative
  • Comes from a family of educators: All 5 of her sisters were teachers, as well as her father-in-law being the principal of Davis High School for 30 years. 
  • Lover of the arts. Directed her school choir for many years. Took her 90+ student choir to Abravanel Hall to perform
  • Respected and recognized by her community. Layton City's Home Town Hero 2017

Marie Stevenson feels she can continue to make meaningful contributions to Davis County schools and she is committed to work hard with the board, teachers and parents. 

Thank you for your support.

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About Marie Stevenson

  • Married to Rich Stevenson. They have four children and fifteen grandchildren.
  • Marie enjoys  going to their cabin at Bear Lake, boating at Lake Powell, and taking grandkids to Hawaii.
  • Some of her favorite past times are attending sporting events (especially if grandkids are playing),  gardening, playing the piano and reading.
  • Marie's favorite saying is "In a world where you can be anything, be KIND!" from her favorite book Wonder
  • Marie has served in several leadership positions in her church that have strengthened her belief that every person, (student, teacher, or parent) is of value. 

Hawaii with the Grandkids 2017

Hawaii with the Grandkids 2017

Weekend fun at Bear Lake

Weekend fun at Bear Lake

Supporting the grandkids sporting events

Supporting the grandkids sporting events


All three of our past school superintendents are supporting Marie Stevenson. - Rich Kendall, Darrell White, Bryan Bowles

"With the Davis School District's growth, funding, and demographic challenges, we need school board members who can hit the ground running. Marie Stevenson is that candidate. An award winning educator, Marie knows how to meet those challenges and will provide solid leadership for our students. I support Marie Stevenson's candidacy for the Davis Board of Education because I know that she cares about Davis County and the quality of our children's future. " - Bryan Bowles

Marie Stevenson is also endorsed by all three mayors in her district. Mike Gailey (Syracuse Mayor), Bob Stevenson (Layton Mayor), and Mark Shepherd (Clearfield Mayor).

 Marie has an extensive list of endorsements, If you need more references to make your decision, please contact her and she will send you a list with further names. Thank you.



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If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please reach out to Marie. Here is her contact information:

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  • Phone Number: 801-540-7900

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